Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fake butts,furs and human hair weave...What are we doing to ourselves?

Who wore it better?
Naomi Campbell wearing a mink
a mink

While researching for this blog, I came across some information that really got my wheels turning, so to speak. I was researching human hair weave and trying to find out if it is really human hair, or not. Did it really come from a human? I wondered.

I mean like many other weave lovers, I have seen the Chris Rock movie. "Good Hair", but you surely can't believe everything you see in media.

Honestly. I am starting to change my views regarding the implications of wearing hair weaves. I have been going back and forth, back and forth like a two timing whore from sew-ins to braids, braids to sew-ins since the early 90s due to my hairs apparent disdain for perms. I have always attached something to my short stresses...(well, except in undergrad, a broke college student at Clark Atlanta University, when I used to wear twists with my real hair just to save money.) "If a black woman goes to a beauty supply store and buys a Brazilian woman's hair, she really may have self esteem issues", some
anti-weave activist argue.

Maybe they are right. Think about it...First, we had nappy afros, and we were not happy with that, so we started styling our hair in afro puffs, braids, buns and such. That was not enough though. We went straight, bone straight. Thanks to the first African American millionaire, Madame C.J. Walker, we got it fried, died and laid to the side. The perm made us feel fly... for a little while...but that grew old as well. We wanted length and less naps simultaneously. Western influence on our African features went into over drive. Weaving became the norm, just like homosexuality, no longer a secret, no longer shameful. We wear it proud. No shame at all. Truth is, other races are making billions off our insecurity.
Madame CJ Wlaker
In Dallas, Texas Beauty Supply stores are regularly robbed and burglarized by hair knappers. They know women, black and white, will pay top dollar for the best brands. There is all types of human hair brands; kanekelon, brazillian remy, malaysian, outre, milky way, saga remy, etc. They are usually priced between $30 to $85 a bundle. '

Asians dominate the market. Many times they own the beauty supply stores and are very secretive about their suppliers. I read an article yesterday that stated much of the mystery is due to the ongoing deception and deceptive practices in the hair industry. The writer claimed that they say the hair is, for example, "brazilian" just for marketing purposes and it is really just Chinese hair mixed with goat strands. Yeah, goats!

We sew (or glue) goats hair to our own hair in an effort of achieving beauty? That would be messed up if it were true. Why are people so vain, anyway?

Why is our own hair not good enough? I, for one, refuse to show mine in public, until is grows out a little more. My real hair is coarse and short. It has a long way to go before I will allow it to make a public appearance. If I stop weaving for a couple of years and just regularly nourished and trim my real hair it would be healthier, but those in-between stages are harrowing. I just do not want people to see me without my security blanket, my beloved extensions. It is so sad, I know. Hair is an extension of your skin. It is a part of you. Just like fur, it is an identifier. We can be identified by our hair.
Speaking of fur, I just found out dog hair is sometimes used to make fur coats. That is so weird. I found white fox as a type of fur used, however, other mammals like Lynx, Minks and Chinchillas seems to be the most popular and accessible types. Their prices range from $4,000 to $10,000 for a full length coat. They look nice, but I don't think I will ever be that concerned with looking good in the cold to spend that type of money on a piece of clothing. I am proud that I was able to find a bomber jacket in the men's section at Old Navy this past winter, on sale for just $25 dollars. It wasn't fashionable at all, but it kept me warm in the DFW snow the whole two months. When it comes to hair, I wish I could be just as sane.

Insanity is...we pay big bucks, hard earned money, buying other human's hair to enhance our looks Then, we kill animals and take their fur to increase our swag. Makes sense, right? People are dying just trying to look good. 

Do you realize how many people have died over mere aesthetics?  

Thousands have died trying to look "good". Trying to get a tummy tuck, a tan, or bigger gluteous maximus. I read recently about a woman dying in the middle of a butt injection procedure in Maryland. That is happening more and more lately. The fake plastic surgeons usually leave their patients dying on the makeshift hospital bed. 
What a way to go!
Unbelievable but true, hair extensions have caused deaths also. Actually, in 2012, a Jamaican woman lost her life after having an allergic reaction to weave glue. What is the root of this fascination with aesthetics. Why do so many women let vanity rule their lives? 

Who are we trying to impress? It does not make sense to risk, health, wealth and livelihood for vanity and a fake sense of beauty set by western standards. I am starting to think about it all differently. That is why my new motto is #naturallifehappylife. We can do better. I don't know about you, but I am done with following the status quo. 

It is time for a real awakening, ladies! Love yourself and your undeniable beauty will flow from within!

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