Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sunny’s LinkedIn Post: 4 Reasons Why Public School Will Be Obsolete by 2030

4 Reasons Why Public School will be obsolete by 2030
Let the records show; I am publishing this article on Wednesday, May 22nd of the year 2019. I have had this discussion many times among colleagues and students. Public school is like the melting glaciers of Alaska! The public education system is falling away to never return the same again.
#1 The government does not consider public school students worth the cost 
The United States government is ran by white people. America=White. I know because there was this big to-do about the nation's first black President, Barack Obama, a few years back. Every time someone who isn’t white is elected to a position in Congress, Senate, the House…etc there’s a big hoopla about it because it is a rare feat. Racist people control the Department of Education. The majority of their staff is white also. Public school children come in all colors. Those children are very costly. I remember in 2008, one administrator pointed out to me that the school receives a specific amount for each head. Attendance is crucial or the campus will not be funded. School districts such as Desoto ISD in Texas, are cutting teachers (not renewing their contracts) stating there is a lack of funding. If they are anything like Dallas ISD, I am willing to bet their Superintendent brings home over $200,000 annually. There is no lack of funding. There is governmental lack of care or regard for public school children. These children are mostly Black and Hispanic. “Not worth our money. We cannot afford them. They are not getting ahead on our dime!” they say.
Years ago, the school systems had two tracks; the trade track and the college track. Students who were interested in college participated in academic electives and those who were interested in a trade studied mechanics, welding, cosmetology etc. Then someone said all the minorities are being segregated and pushed over to the trade track and the whites are told they are “college material” so...the government switched the rules and now requires all students to be on the college track. Now, there are more African American and Hispanic college students and graduates than ever before. The change was positive, for the most part. The only problem is; too many minorities are in the qualified and skilled workforce competing with the white people; The “REAL Americans”.
If we gut the public school system and gentrify their neighborhoods, how will they compete? Ha! Ha! by golly! George, I think we have a plan! Woohoo!” -America
#2 Technology gives private and public enterprise an out 
It’s no secret; CEOs don't want to spend money on workers. Look at how Walmart only has one live person on a register then has 15 self check out lanes open (even on a busy Saturday). They were only making $9/hr anyway, so why cut their hours like that? And look at how McDonalds has kiosks now. All the big shots are trying to cut the costs. They are the baby boomers and they are trying to have as cushy a retirement as possible. This can only be achieved by lowering the overhead costs. “One less paycheck going out is one more comma in my bank balance” they proclaim glowingly.
Literally, teachers in Texas have not received a cost of living increase in about eight years. The district heads collect three times or more what classroom educators make each year, and they have no qualms about it. They can even vote to give themselves a raise. I have been teaching 12 years and never received a ballot asking should I have a raise or not. Are teachers important to the bottom line or NO? They are replacing teachers with technology.
I had this conversation with a high school student who was misbehaving way back in 2012.
Me: Keep acting up, they are going to send all of yall home one day. 
Student: No they not. How are we going to get our education then?
Me: They will have you do your work on the computer. Classes will be online. 
Student: I don’t even have a computer. 
Me: Ha! ha! Don’t worry... They’ll give you one. They are going to give all of yall one just to keep you out of their hair. 
And lookie lookie, here we are in 2019 and districts are cutting down on lecture time, encouraging online learning, "flipped the classroom", free ipads, and cutting down the school week to four days instead of five.
Mark my words; folks, if your kids are not in private schools or charter schools in a few years, their butts will be at home on that computer. That is how the 14th amendment will be honored. The four day school week will sweep the nation, then three days will be accepted, then two….and you see where I am going with this…They will have recorded lessons. Check out www.K12.org. The govt. will pay someone (maybe) one time to video record a year worth of English, Algebra, Science or whatever and push replay every school year.
They learn the same lessons each year anyway. In the year 2010, I made a powerpoint presentation titled “Everything you need to know about poetry as a freshman” and uploaded it to the website, www.teacherspayteachers.com. To this day, teachers across the country order my power point presentation and give me great reviews. Nine years later it is still relevant and effective. Some things don’t change and I promise you legislatures are taking full advantage of that fact. The funnier part is; the middle class tax payers are going to continue to foot the bill -privately and publicly. The middle class will pay for their own demise.
#3 Public school kids are bad. PERIOD.
About 30% of public school students make life hell for everyone else. The teachers walk off their jobs (in the middle of the day). The other 70%; the students (who must deal with the 30%) can’t cope either. They are depressed and suicidal. The classrooms are overcrowded and it just makes this 30% grow in their evil nature. More crowds. More covering for my evil acts! I am going to make this teacher quit. Ha! Ha!.” I am a witness; Middle schoolers use more profanity than adults at some of these campuses, plus the drug use, overall disrespect, truancy, along with sexual behavior makes it hard to teach Reading and Math. There is way too much going on. I was teaching at a school in Dallas, Texas and I asked one little 7th grade girl to sit down. Her response was “I don’t feel like sitting down.”
On another day, I was dealing with a 504 student. He was on my caseload. I was following him, asking him to go to class and he said, “Stop following me you old stalking ass bitch.” 
(And we are not even going to start on the behavior of the...
ADMIN…Wooh! Child! That will take all night…)
Lord knows I need the income, but I have turned down two teaching positions lately. Let’s just say I have PTSD and trying to avoid a flair up. Public school teachers are behind enemy lines with no defenses. Now that we have cell phones everywhere, the torture is being recorded daily. The students are swinging at the teachers. The teachers are (sometimes) swinging back…all of this for a net pay of $3,000 per month. “Lordy, lordy. Help us all. Amen.”
#4 There is a teacher shortage
Teaching used to be a dream job for women back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but so many things have changed since then. They lost autonomy, freedom of (lesson plan) choice, discipline was taken out of schools and religion was banned. Testing became top priority. Money was cut and salaries froze.
The glaciers meltedThe penguins became bewildered. Some of them went back to school to become eagles, bears or whales. Some took an early retirement.
In some schools, there are more substitute teachers than regular ones. Half-hearted staff yields half-hearted test results, then funding is cut.
Steady spiral downward. Can you see it? Stevie Wonder can see it; This mess has been orchestrated by the government and we, the people, have let them run it into the ground. Protests did not work. Votes did not work. Petitions were ignored. Unions made very little difference, so now we are hereTeachers don’t want to be teachers any more. 
America! America! 
What a crisis this is, America!
Where do we go from here, My Love?

Glaciers Melting
Cobb County School Board 
Hinojosa hired by Cobb County in 2011; “Dr. Hinojosa said he is moving to Georgia in part to be closer to his son whose wife is pregnant with their first child. He has two sons who have recently graduated from Hillcrest High School in Dallas who will be attending Ivy League colleges in the fall.”
Superintendent Issues
“Cobb County Schools Superintendent Michael Hinojosa says his surprise resignation has nothing to do with the criticism he’s received for the system’s handling of last week’s ice storm, which left hundreds of students stranded on buses and at schools. In an interview Tuesday with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hinojosa, 57, said he decided months ago to return to Texas to assist with aging parents but did not want to announce his decision until he had a solution to the nearly $80 million budget deficit facing the district.“I announced this to my family back in the holidays,” Hinojosa said. “I was looking for the right time to make the announcemen.”The right time came during Monday’s school board meeting.”
4 Day Work Week
14th Amendment