Saturday, September 5, 2020

Hey 2020 is Almost Done!! You have just a few more months to get yo ish together!! Are you Ready to take the Pretty Credit Challenge???

Thank you for your interest in PRETTYCREDITCHALLENGE.COM!! 
Are you ready to take the Pretty Credit Challenge?

My new credit services are usually $99/mt, however I will offer it to you for $60/mt ......

GOOD DEAL, huh??? BUT you will still need to sign up for credit monitoring with in order for me to start working on your file.

Smart credit charges $20 for a full report and $20/mt. for credit monitoring. You can cancel all services the moment you are satisfied with your scores. There are no binding contracts .

First GO TO

Then register for FREE at PRETTYCREDITCHALLENGE.COM so I can start working on your credit profile. 

Email me your login info asap!!
Below you will see my own personal results!


I will mail out dispute letters on your behalf. 
We are a team! 

LET'S KEEP IT REAL: Many times clients do not have money to invest in credit repair. I totally understand, but there are some steps you can take to speed up the credit repair process that will cost you a few hundred dollars or more. If you can register at all of these sites πŸ‘‡in the next 48 hours you will be shocked how fast your score soars. 

If this option is not in your budget that is okay too. You can still see results in 10 to 30 days!!

Register at these sites as soon as you can:

That's πŸ‘†your homework, Beautiful. Now get to it, please. Reach out to me if you need any assistance with registration. 

We are a team now. #700Club 
Let's make it happen!! 
Pretty Credit is yours! So So pretty it will be!!

Talk to you soon!!
Take care!!


The Billing Emails
Let's get started!! Pretty Credit is yours!! So So Pretty it will be!!


Step one: 
Please Go to the website below and sign up for credit monitoring and order your three credit reports. 

Step Two:
Email me your username and password asap!

Step Three:
You will receive your log in info via email for Log in to track your progress!
Also, you will receive letters that need your signature via hellosign. Let's tackle this ugly credit problem as a team!! Pretty Credit is yours!! So So Pretty it will be!!

Your first 30 days of credit restoration is free, however the credit monitoring site charges $20/mt for monitoring and each time your 3 scores are ordered that's another $20, however  reports are only ordered once every two months until the end of the challenge. 

The challenge takes up to 6 months and can be adjusted at your request. 

Your score will change constantly throughout the process. Results vary. 

The actual repair is $60/mt and the first month is free so your first payment is not due until 30 days after sign up. You will receive an invoice today, but it is not due until 30 days after sign up. If you have any questions don't be afraid to reach out to Sunny by email or text 682.251.0981. 

Thank you for joining!! So So Pretty it will be!!


     Pretty Credit Challenge First 30 days FREE! Your Invoice is Due soon!

Pretty Credit Inc
You can be billed up to $60.00
Sign up for

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