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Why your credit score ain’t pretty in 2020

 Why your credit score ain’t pretty in 2020

By Sunny Smith, Pretty Credit Inc  CEO

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I am not going to waste much of your time. You have been trying to get your score up for months, maybe even years now and it just seems like nothing can hack it. Well...I have some news for you: You are doing too much. Yes, that’s right, you are doing too much and your credit score is a mess because YOU ARE. 

Don’t get mad…Hear me out! 

Four Bad Habits that have your credit score looking ugly right now...

1. You do not regularly monitor your credit scores. 

Right now you can log into and get your 3 credit reports for free. Due to the corona crap, you can get your credit reports every week for FREE. Usually, they only allow one free order a year, but now you can get the report for free every week!!! 

Log in and order your reports from the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. Look at what is in collections. Look at what is hurting your scores. Major credit score killers are Judgements, Late Payments and Collections. You doing too much. You doing so much you missing all of your blessings. It’s a free report. It’s your financial report card given to you free every 7 days. Have you even checked it out?

To see the accurate credit scores from all three credit bureas, you need to create an account at Easy Peasy!!! MyFico is not free, but it is worth the small fee. Trust me. 

2. You have a Judgement on your credit and you’re ignoring it. 

When an apartment complex evicts you or an auto dealer repossess your vehicle…(even if you voluntarily give the car back) or when any other company goes to court and files a complaint against you saying you owe them some money, you will end up being summoned to court. A real court like Judge Judy’s. No joke. 

You will receive a notice in the mail. You are expected to come and plead your case against the company. Bring written, legible evidence to support your claim. If you need to print out text messages, do so. If you have emails and other documents, bring them. You need to show the judge that you either should not be held responsible for the debt OR you should be forgiven for the debt. Under what circumstances did you agree to the debt? What happened? Is it your debt? Explain the situation. Leave emotion out of it and represent the facts. There are other cases that the judge has to handle; He can do without your extra drama. Just state the facts, represent supporting documents for proof and try your best to get the judgement thrown out. If the judge will not rule in your favor, your last resort is to negotiate a payment arrangement with the creditor. Whatever agreements you all reach MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN WRITING with dates and signatures. Verbal promises mean nothing. Verbals can’t hold water in court. It’s your word against theirs. 

Bottom line: If it is not written down, it didn’t happen. 

Get the agreement in writing. If the judgement has already been reported to your credit, make sure it is in the agreement that it will be removed once the debt is paid or dismissed. Making payment arrangements and agreements to settle for less than full balance are great ways to get a judgement removed from your credit report. Sometimes it is very costly, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet, learn from your mistakes and move on. Do better next time. Let it be a lesson learned. 

3. You think paying 31 days late is no big deal.

Maybe you have a lot of bills and just cannot keep up...Electricity, Car Note, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Mortgage/Rent, Cell phone, House phone, Netflix etc. ...The list goes on.You need to write them down. Use the calendar in your phone to set reminders. See what the due date is for each bill and enter it on your calendar. Also, for the major bills like electricity, car note, mortgage and rent, PUT THEM ON AUTOPAY. These companies will have you in a very uncomfortable situation if you don’t pay on time. 

Go to the company’s website and sign up for AUTOPAY. Connect your debit card or checking account using the routing and account number.Make sure you have enough money in your bank account to cover the bill amount. 

Don’t overdraft your bank account. Then you’ll be even worse off. Try to set the autopay dates as close to your job payroll dates as possible. 

Late payments are like Freddie Krueger to your credit score. It’s like Chainsaw man to your fico. It will slice it in half, leaving nothing but a bloody mess for you to clean up. Why go through all of that when you can simply avoid the whole fiasco altogether? 

  1. Evaluate your recurring bills; the bills you pay each month

  2. Determine which ones you can cancel or pay off; Cancel the unnecessary bills such as unused gym memberships and cable channels. Pay off essential bills; such as car insurance. Pay the whole 6 month plan off so you won’t have to worry about a monthly bill. 

  3. Put the monthly bills you still have on AUTOPAY. If your company does not offer AUTOPAY...go to your bank account online and set up BILL PAY through your checking/savings/deposit  account. Use the account where you receive your pay checks. 

Late payments report to credit bureaus after the bill is paid 30 or more days late and it is very hard to remove them. Take the steps to AVOID THEM AT ALL COST or you will suffer the consequences. Many times the only way to get rid of late payments that show on your reports, is to have the whole account deleted, which is also a risky move because you need account longevity to increase your score. Your other option is to write a letter or email to the company’s executives and request a goodwill removal of the late payments. has good will letters available if you are interested. Email Sunny at for details. 

4. You have a lot of collections and you don't care. 

After you forget or neglect to pay your bill, a representative (lady, guy or robot) will call, email or mail you a reminder. If they do not get a response after a few months or so, the company will charge off your debt and sell it to a debt collector. The debt collector will buy your debt for pennies on the dollar, then they will try to find you and collect the full amount. 

For example; if you owe Verizon Wireless $800, they might sell your debt to Southwest Recovery Co. for $200, then Southwest Recovery Co. will call you and try to collect the $800. If they are successful, they will make six hundred bucks...$800-$200=$600 in profits. The original creditor has charged off the debt, therefore when they do their taxes, that debt will not count as revenue. It will count as a loss. You need to settle the balance with the collection agency asap. Negotiate a pay for deletion

When you really sit down and think about it, the creditor is winning either way. Either they win by getting your money or they win by using the loss of your money as a loss (i.e. a tax write off). GAME on GAME. Facts on facts. Recognize the game. Be the winner, not the victim. 

This is chess NOT checkers, baby! 

Moral of the Story: When you sign up to a service, pay your service provider on time OR end the relationship amicably. Don’t wait until a third party gets involved. You don’t need them in your life. You signed up and promised to pay a certain amount to the service provider (Chase bank, Sprint, Time Warner, Discover Card, Lincoln Residential, Rexy Motors, Rent-a-Center...etc) so you should do the right thing and try to keep your promises. Ugly credit results from ugly habits. Don’t be that person. You can do much better if you try a little harder. Take action. Tackle it with confidence. I believe in you!

Follow my advice and soon pretty credit will be yours! So so pretty it will be!

Check out and to learn more. Are you ready to take the Pretty Credit Challenge?! Text “Ready!” to 682.251.0981 today to get started!!

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