Saturday, October 3, 2020

Trump has Covid-19 and some people are mad at how some folks are smiling under their mask

 Let us not forget...

When the Hurricanes hit Puerto Rico...his reaction was..."Can we sell it?" He didn't want to render aid. Said it would be too costly.
When the five black men (The Central Park Five) were exonerated and freed from prison, his response was, "They should have been executed."
When told there were families being separated at the border and children were in cages he said, "The immigrants are a bunch of rapist, killers and thugs..."
He also said he rather people migrate to America from Norway instead of shithole countries like Africa and Haiti.
When asked to give his condolences after the civil rights leader, John Lewis died his response was, "He didn't come to my inauguration."
When the 17 year old boy shot and killed two BLM protesters, he said..."Well...they shouldn't have been out there."
When asked about the 200,000 lives lost to Covid 19, he said
" is what it is."
Now Republicans, "the real Americans" and "the real Christians" are asking for less joy in his moment of pain.
They are very angry now. NOW they are angry! People are celebrating.🥳 They are mad. They are saying people are wrong.
They mad. Mad mad. I mean real mad.🤬
Were they mad before? Were they? Did they express this level of outrage?

Did they send their thoughts and prayers before?

KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY NOW. Don't switch up. You look insane.

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